College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Environmental Science

Global Scope. Global Impact.

The future of the earth depends on intelligent responses to environmental issues.

The Department of Environmental Science is dedicated to educating students in both the scientific and policy dimensions of environmental issues.  Our goal is to provide a research and education environment where students learn to be stewards of the earth.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Environmental Science at Baylor University offers Ph.D. and Master degrees that address research topics of regional, national, and global concern. Graduate students in Environmental Science work in collaboration with faculty who are regarded as leading scientists and engineers and have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratory facilities as well as excellent access to field sites.  Financial aid, stipends and full tuition remission, are available.

Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Studying the environment at Baylor University Environmental Science is much more than just a major. Our faculty, staff and students come from a community of scholars who are committed to understanding and improving our environment. In addition to standard courses, students will access exciting internships, engage novel research opportunities, and gain field experience.

Undergraduate Studies


Environmental Science graduate and undergraduate students actively engage a wide range of research activities that address fundamental environmental processes, stressors on environmental systems, and their effects on human health.


Students in the Baylor Environmental Science Department have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of organizations throughout the Waco area and beyond.